French. 33. Entrepreneur. Mother.

In a city where everyone is constantly on the move and appearances are everything, Claire Nouy provides a temporary antidote for the chaos and stress of living in Paris’ urban environment through her holistic concept store, Atelier Nubio. The forerunner in cold-pressed juices, Atelier Nubio is broadening its selection by providing customers with further inspiration for living a healthier and more inwardly-focused lifestyle, read: healthy snacks, ethically-produced clothing and artisanal jewellery. Whilst this might seem like a contradiction, seeing as Claire herself is always on the move, she says it’s about finding the balance between the two – just what the French are always so good at doing: enjoying the pleasures in life, but all in moderation. Current topic on Claire’s mind: rediscovering what it means to be a woman.

Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

“Stupéfiant!” or "I have thousands of things to do!" The life we are living now is intense. I believe my customers are much like me – in their dreams they’d be gardening, growing vegetables and enjoying a slower life, but at the same time, this life is incredibly exciting and I am enjoying watch it unfold.

When and where were you happiest?

Cooking with music and a glass of wine. The entire process of buying, preparing and finally savouring the food you make is like a ritual for me, in which I get completely absorbed. I also really love clothes, especially experimenting with new brands and exploring my identity through style. But this is again another thing I am trying to look at critically: ideally I would like to consume less and in a more meaningful manner. I just really love clothes.

What is your favourite occupation?

My dream, which I believe will eventually come to pass, is to write a novel. A bestseller. Not about health or well-being, but a story that follows the same characters through the ages. I’ve already started writing down ideas. For example, when I meet someone in real life that exudes qualities I can imagine my characters having too. These are always amazing qualities you find in the most unexpected people, and that’s why it gives me inspiration. I will keep collecting these ideas until I’m finally ready to start writing. Being an entrepreneur is great, but it’s not forever.


Like the products she sells, Claire’s entire style is about looking and feeling fresh. Take that image you have of the effortlessly put-together, yet slightly messy Parisian girl and throw it in the trash.

Find out more about Claire Nouy and Atelier Nubio here.



Header image © Vianney Tisseau
Body image © Atelier Nubio Instagram