It is our desire that your adornments are items you are comfortable to wear every day, and with that in mind we are conscious in using the highest quality metals we can find. However to ensure your jewellery endures the test of time we would like to inform you a little about the metals we choose, and why, and also give some hints on correct care for your ADORN jewellery.

Gold Vermeil is a standard which specifies a minimum thickness of 2.5 microns of gold, plated over sterling silver, by law, no other metal base is permitted, and legally the gold plate thickness must be 2.5 microns or greater. We test to ensure all Adorn vermeil jewellery adhere to this standard. This is important to ensure the longevity and golden colour of your Adorn Vermeil items. You get the classic look of real gold, the value of full fabrication using precious metals, but a price that is well below solid gold. Care must be taken during regular use not to deeply scratch your items or the silver colour will show through. Clean your vermeil jewellery as you would any precious metal jewellery, but taking care not to rub too hard as the micron level of gold will wear down with surface contact. If you notice your vermeil items losing their gold hue, we do offer a re-plating service.