It is our desire that your adornments are items you are comfortable to wear every day, and with that in mind we are conscious in using the highest quality metals we can find. However to ensure your jewellery endures the test of time we would like to inform you a little about the metals we choose, and why, and also give some hints on correct care for your ADORN jewellery.

Sterling silver is the official term which refers to silver with a minimum purity in 92.5% silver (look for the 925 stamp on your silver jewellery to show this), and a maximum of 7.5% other metals. The other metals are added as pure silver - like gold is too soft for jewellery usage it scratches and deforms easily. The sterling silver we work with is composed of 930 certified recycled silver and 7% other metals which are chosen specifically for their anti tarnish and workability properties to ensure the highest standards are achieved.

Even more so than 14 karat gold silver will tarnish when exposed to strong chemicals and/or acid alkali compounds so please take care, and clean with your jewellery cloth regularly, and when not in use store in a safe place, remember tarnishing is actually oxidation, so storing in a place like a sealed bag to reduce oxygen exposure is a really good idea. Or use your Adorn leather pouch, which will help you minimize oxidation.  

And again if your get does get dirty a wash in a mild liquid soap solution before buffing is recommended.