Have you ever given thought to the actual meaning of standing on your own two feet? But truly? Ever considered how seamlessly you do it? Precisely how many of your 600+ muscles are currently activated? You stand tall, you balance – suddenly at your most able. This is the moment of greatest potential where anything can happen. You take one step, then another. Next thing you know you’re running, and in some incredible feat of magic, you’re still upright. Your strong body, functioning without you even giving it a second thought. In a split second you are balancing in mid air. You are in flight.

Both in movement and at a standstill, we practice balance. Simultaneously, in each moment of the day we stand between the ‘chaos’ of every unknown thought playing in our heads and the calm of just knowing exactly what, where, who and how. We hope we get it right, we strive for equality between the two, but realising it’s not always possible. Sometimes we forget that balance is not necessarily the endpoint we believe it to be. It’s about the movement away from one thing and towards another. It’s the dance between veering to one side, sometimes to the other. There are moments where we feel in control, and other times where we are just going with it. Either way, it’s constant and unrelenting. 

We are taught we need to find a balance between work and play, between social activities and me-time, between the food we know is good for us and the food we crave… Sometimes finding that balance becomes the struggle; to find that perfect equilibrium is overwhelming and we feel we’ve tipped the scale. Was all that hard work for nothing?
Enter: the change of perspective. Balance isn’t the end goal. Balance is the game. It’s the journey that gets us there. As we go through this life questioning ourselves and our surrounding, whether we’re good enough or not, perhaps the most important aspect where we need to practice balance is in our ability to show some self-love. And realise it’s already perfectly in balance in this moment. 

Have you ever given thought to the idea of standing on your own two feet? Trust yourself.


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