As children we just play and we believe games to be just that. We take them at face value and act freely. As we age, however, that trust and openness is jaded and we become more serious – we believe we (should) know better. Play the game better. But there is a difference between play and game. Games have a purpose, a victory that needs to be achieved. 

Somewhere along the way the responsibilities of living this life, of choosing to be this fully thinking, acting, functioning being have gotten the better of us and we feel overwhelmed by the need to achieve, the pressure of having to go in a certain direction, namely FORWARD. Suddenly when things don’t work out and we are left disappointed, we forget that that’s part of playing too. We can’t always see that – all cliches aside – losing and having the guts to try again will only prepare us better for the next attempt.


In many ways, the creative process of drawing up something from scratch parallels these sentiments. To play, to truly allow yourself to give it a try, to create, to face the unknown, is to understand that there’s more, and that things will and can work out even when you aren’t sure how. 

Let it be open. Tomorrow just see what comes. It’s difficult, we know. We constantly get drawn back to how we presume things to be, what society asks from us and obsessing on how we are perceived. And yet every moment we let go. Just do, let things comes we create and we flow. These are the moments that ADORN makes sense, that what we do feels so natural and rich. 

For us every piece of ADORN is a manifestation of this sentiment, something started without knowing the final outcome. And in the end, the outcome doesn’t even really matter. It’s about participating, about seeing the value in doing something without it presenting an immediate reward or without knowing people will understand. It’s vulnerability. 

And so we play. For the sake of just being. Play because you can. Play even when you don’t know the rules, or see the goal of the game. Perhaps there isn’t one. Go with your gut, allow yourself to want to win, learn how to lose. Repeat. Repeat.

It’s so very simple, because actually it’s always there. Leave everything for what it is and just be. Playful.


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