Ties. Everything that keeps us together, everything that keeps us in this world. We begin our lives from the start connected to people, to places, to material goods we don’t even know the significance of. And yet, as we grow and become the individuals we decide to be, so many of these things take on a different meaning. Do we still feel linked to our past? To the things once assigned to us? In many cases we feel the urge to shake these off, to shed the old skin of a former identity.

And yet there are certain aspects we cling to for dear life, the things we believe most define us and our story. These we hold tightly as we step into our future. Again, drawn by something, pulled by a string towards certain decisions and simultaneously away from others. And whilst sometimes we feel a deep aloneness in this life, for the most part we are awestruck by the infinite number of lines that connect us to all things.

bali tropics 2018

ADORN is a story with many chapters – a story where the beginning isn’t necessarily where we thought it to be, and where unexpected twists have met us at every corner. Every new detail, every new character is a brightly coloured thread that intertwines itself into the foundations of our growing narrative. With this month bringing with it both a trip back to Bali and a celebration of our first year around the sun, we take a moment to reflect. What does it all mean? The significance of Bali? The importance of the people that support us? Of the values we hold dear? Or the certainty we have in our gut that the direction we’re going is the right one? Together all these ties make ADORN real – the simple fact of their existence is proof that we exist too. And we are so curious as to what the future brings.

We open ourselves to new opportunities, new friends and new places. We want to lear
n of other cultures and traditions, to be inspired by everything that lies outside of our comfort zone, and to grow with the knowledge that no matter how fast or in whatever direction, there’ll always be a steadfast web of support holding us up along the way. We test these ties, pulling away at the edges to see just how far we can go. We dare to step one step further, we challenge with the belief that this discourse will lead to something better, something stronger. With it we arise. To a new level of understanding, with more ambition than we had before. Our ties are our everything. We salute you.


ADORN evening


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