It is our desire that your adornments are items you are comfortable to wear every day, and with that in mind we are conscious in using the highest quality metals we can find. However to ensure your jewellery endures the test of time we would like to inform you a little about the metals we choose, and why, and also give some hints on correct care for your ADORN jewellery.

We obtain our pure gold (24 karat) either from certified recycled sources or artisinal mined sources.

We then alloy this gold to 14 karat (58% gold, 42% other metals) - using mainly silver and copper, which make the gold harder and more stable for daily wear, but still maintain its lustre.

Please be aware thought that with exposure to strong chemicals like solvents, cleaning products and even such things as artificial perfumes or cosmetics can induce tarnishing or oxidation on your jewellery, so please take and and sure you remove your jewellery before showering or cleaning house. Should you encounter tarnishing, a buff with a soft cloth - preferably a jewellery specific buffing cloth, and if dirty a rinse and buff with a soft cloth and mild liquid soap solution is recommended.